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Spring Newsletter 2024

Drum roll please!

I’m bracing myself for the storm that heralds my memoir publication (The Fortune Teller’s Prophecy) on April 30, 2024!

Things are picking up and there is hardly time to smell the roses.


I did take off on a heavenly writers’ retreat (four days and three nights) in Nevada City with three writer friends: MP Smith, Robin Dragoo and Lisa Montanero.

Food, fun, writing, walking. I also connected with my former writing Coach, Sands Hall.

It truly was a heavenly break from reality.

Lally outside with book.jpg

I’m thrilled to report that I’ve had over 700+ preorders for my memoir. I presented a talk to Heartland Mental health services. They ordered 35 books (!). I personally endorsed each book AND will hand deliver them in mid-April when I tour their facility.  


I also learned that I am a finalist in the Chanticleer International Book Awards and will attend their conference in Bellingham, Washington in late April with MP Smith. Can’t wait!


Multiple book signing events are coming up.  : I will do book readings at the Davis library in late April, the Avid Reader bookstore in early May and I’ve been invited to give a presentation to Sacramento’s youth June 1. Other book readings are pending, including in Napa, the Bay Area and in Fremont. It will be a marathon for sure!


Please hold my hand for support as I take a flying leap into the future.

Let’s do this!

Winter Newsletter 2024

Welcome to a beautiful new year, blossoming with new possibilities and promise!


My beloved 49ers have earned home field advantage and they have clinched the Number One seed in the National Football conference! Yippee! For those who don’t understand football, this means the team is a significant step closer to making it to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas next month.

I’m thrilled that they are within breathing distance of the largest prize in football.

With regard to book publishing, I got a great Kirkus Review.   I also had an online review of my audio book on  12/28/2023 by  Jeremy Van Wert which was also very positive, so I’m glad that early indications for the memoir are pointing the right way. My audiobook is available from multiple sources  


I have several scheduled book store appearances coming up including Napa (Copperfield’s Friday, January 26, 11 am), Fremont (Banter Bookstore Thursday, August 1 at 7 PM)

My book launch is scheduled for Thursday, May 2 at Avid Reader in Davis, with others in the planning stages. Stay tuned! 

On a more subdued note, my 94-year-old father took ill and has been placed at his home with hospice care. He is in good spirits, but is unable to walk any longer, and there are times when he tells us he is simply tired of fighting. However he is not in pain and not in a nursing home, for which he is profoundly grateful. His infirmity, while sad, also emphasizes the wonder of life and our legs(!) and the health we often take for granted.

So get outside now. Do it! Smell the roses, try everything you’ve been putting off for too long.

Experience the weave of life’s tapestry–––with all the good and bad.

Happy New Year!


Fall Newsletter 2023


Isn’t life beautiful? I love when November turns to December... 

Family! Food! Forty-Niner Football! Thanksgiving becomes Christmas.

Fallen leaves.. everywhere. 

The shivering promise of new opportunities ahead. Yeah!

Newsflash: My audiobook is currently available from multiple distributors, so stay tuned for the launch at a local bookstore next month. I did the narration and my talented husband/sound engineer/sound editor Tim Pia worked his magic on the audio production. You’ll have to wait till the end of April for the print version, but preorders are available from multiple sites including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target etc. 

My writing journey has all the throttles released and is steaming ahead.

I was just interviewed by a former colleague/therapist from River Oak Center for Children, Jeremy Van Wert for his podcast, Mindful Mutiny. We discussed my upcoming memoir, The Fortune Teller’s Prophecy. I tried to avoid too many spoilers, so if you’re interested, here’s a link to the interview in its entirety: INTERVIEW

Another podcast that I had recently done at the end of November with hosts Stephanie McPhail and David Charon was for an episode of Toxic Love Transformation.  It will air sometime in mid January of next year.    LINK TO INTERVIEW/PODCAST (Coming Soon).

So there’s no rest for the wicked!

I’m loving this phase of my writing journey. It makes up for all the sleepless nights and countless revisions of this material that is so dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy my audiobook.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Take a stolen moment to remember all the things in your life which make you grateful. My heart couldn’t be more full.


Lally Pia

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