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Dr. Lally Pia


Lally Pia is an Author and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. When she is not writing,  Zorro, her German Shepherd takes her for a walk. 

The Fortune Teller's Prophecy: A Memoir of an Unlikely Doctor will be published April 30, 2024, by She Writes Press.


She is currently completing Andorea, a novel of psychological suspense, about a jail psychiatrist trapped in an ethical dilemma. Should she say what she knows and allow a jailed man awaiting execution to go free, or remain quiet to keep her medical license?

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Lally Pia has lived in Sri Lanka, Ghana, Wales, England, Pennsylvania, and California. After teaching at a Junior High school in Davis, she removed human body parts and mastered the fine art of embalming–––a truly dead end job. 


She attended medical school at U.C. Davis, residency in San Mateo and Davis and currently practices as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in Sacramento, California.  ​

Her writing has been published in anthologies for the California Literary Review and the Sacramento branch of the California Writers' Club in 2022.  In the Fall of 2022 she was a finalist for  America's Next Great Author, a TV pilot.


Her interview about a day in the life of a psychiatrist has received  over 65,000 online views from pre-med students who are considering a career as a doctor or wish to specialize in the field of psychiatry.

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