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Crystal Ball, Fortune Teller at the ocean

Coming April 30, 2024

Ever wonder what would have happened if  life took you down a different path?

Travel through Sri Lanka, Ghana, England, and California to uncover the wisdom revealed in this doctor's incredible journey.

Book - The Fortune Teller's Prophecy

Alexa Young, CA

"An intriguing, emotionally powerful, and culturally informative read" -- 

 Kirkus Reviews

"Lally's memoir is a testament to both the intense work it takes to achieve [the American Dream] and the sacrifices she made that would be unthinkable to the average American fortunate enough to be born into that dream. The writing is clean and concise and reads like a conversation rather than a series of events...Excellent, excellent work. Very highly recommended."

Asher Syed,  Readers' Favorite,  5 Stars


Dr. Lally Pia: Psychiatrist, Author, Memoirist

Lally Pia completed medical school at U.C. Davis. She did her psychiatry residency at San Mateo and a Child Fellowship at Davis.  As Assistant Professor she ran the psychiatry program for California Northstate University Medical School from 2017 to 2019. She currently works at River Oak Center For Children in Sacramento as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. 

The Fortune Teller's Prophecy: A Memoir of an Unlikely Doctor will be published April 30, 2024, by She Writes Press.


She is currently completing Andorea, a novel of psychological suspense, about a jail psychiatrist trapped in an ethical dilemma. Should she say what she knows and allow a jailed man awaiting execution to go free, or remain quiet to keep her medical license?

Lally lives with her husband, Tim in Davis, California. When she is not writing, Zorro, her German Shepherd takes her for a walk. 

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